Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sometimes we come to life's crossroads and
View what we think is the end,
But God has a much wider vision and
He knows it's only a bend --

The road will go on and get smoother, and
After we've stopped for a rest,
The path that lies hidden beyond us is
Often the part that is best.

So rest and relax and grow stronger
Let go and let God share your load,
And have faith in a brighter tomorrow
You've just come to a bend in the road.

I believe that humanity is approaching a crossroads.Do you believe in it too?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Take Time

Take Time

Take time to take.....
~the small gifts so hesitatingly offered by a friend
~the proud handmade present from a child.

Take time to listen.....
~to the old man's too often told tale
~to a husband's words of love.

Take time to share......
~a moment with a lonely soul for loneliness shared becomes love.
~a sorrow with a bereaved friend, for sorrow shared becomes comfort.

Take time to touch.....
~another human which means I care for you, I trust you..
~another life for that is what life is all about.

Take time for each other..... for nothing else is that important.

Take time to live, to dance for fun, to sing for joy, to paint or sew or create a beautiful gift.

Take time to watch.....

~the snow swirling outside the windowpane,

~the flames dancing in the fireplace.

Take time for gladness..... for this faltering, fumbling world is, after all, mostly good!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wear a Smile in your heart

Is your smile broad?
Is your smile bright?
Does your smile say, "Welcome"
bringing others delight?

Is it warm and gentle
and truly sincere,
does it offer comfort,
saying, "Happy you're here"?

As you greet another
does it bring life anew?
Have you ever thought
of the good smiles do?

If you're out in the work force
serving other folks,
has it bridged a gap
when a customer's in doubt?

When you smile at children,
a family member or friend,
have you ever noticed
it helps make amends?

Stop for a while...
...and give it some thought.
A true smile is something
that cannot be bought.

Smiles are a gift...
we all can give.
They brighten our world
and enrich how we live.

So "wear a smile"
one size fits all.
If you've any questions,
give my banker a call.

Hmm...I always admired someone who has always a big smile in their face; it feels relaxing and easy to talk with...I believed that a smile can brings lighter to our days, give some inspirations and gives some hope and most especially when it comes with our Hearts. Cheers!

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Friend...

In Good times and Bad times we have someone to lean on and help us whenever we’re weary, someone who is always there in our sides and never leave, someone who listens, someone who cares and supports, and someone whom we will treasure forever! That’s our Friend.

I remember my very best of friends, my elementary best friend, high school barcada’s, and my very best friend “LYN” in college days. I really missed them soo much! They’re really having a big part in my heart; When I hear the song "A Friend" I can't help but to cry and reminisce the times we've been sharing our laughs. It really melt my heart.

I will share to you the A-Z of Friendship. What is a friend to me…

A Friend....

(A)ccepts you as you are
(B)elieves in "you"
(C)alls you just to say "HI"
(D)oesn't give up on you
(E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
(F)orgives your mistakes
(G)ives unconditionally
(H)elps you
(I)nvites you over
(J)ust "be" with you
(K)eeps you close at heart
(L)oves you for who you are
(M)akes a difference in your life
(N)ever Judges
(O)ffers support
(P)icks you up
(Q)uiets your fears
(R)aises your spirits
(S)ays nice things about you
(T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it
(U)nderstands you
(V)alues you
(W)alks beside you
(X)-plains things you don't understand
(Y)ells when you won't listen and
(Z)aps you back to reality

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's in a hug?

There's something in a simple hug

That always warms the heart;
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part.

A hug's a way to share the joy
And sad times we go through,
Or just a way for friends to say
They like you 'cause you're you.

Hugs are meant for anyone
For whom we really care,
From your grandma to your neighbor,
Or a cuddly teddy bear.

A hug is an amazing thing -
It's just the perfect way
To show the love we're feeling
But can't find the words to say.

It's funny how a little hug
Makes everyone feel good;
In every place and language,
It's always understood.

And hugs don't need new equipment, Special batteries or parts - Just open up your arms And open up your hearts.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I feel...

They say; the mood of every person reflects on what you do, but what if you don’t know how to feel? I don’t know, I feel …

Anyway I am have scratched here, drawn using Microsoft Paint.

Please tell me what do you think about the drawing? What am I thinking and what do I feel? I am confused today.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Judge My Work...

Wooh! Friday! Last day of work, I felt so bored so I tried to drawn on a MS Paint, It quiet difficult to used, Usually I drew in a scratched paper just to entertain myself, I want you to judge my work, haha! Here it is…

Hope it will not look like an ugly girl... :(

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Floody What???

Gosh! Yesterday, Even if the rain never stops, I keep on preparing my things to go to office until my journey continue way to our office, After a while the rain got heavy and heavy! The thunder keeps on striking! (Super typhoon na ata ito!) My clothes are wet! I feel cold but I still continue my way to office even if many of the passengers retreats and went go home instead! But I have to face the massive flood I’m here na e! Oh the flood is chasing under my knee, my pants wet but I still continue! Many people are looking at me I don’t care them my mind is focused to get out of this place and work! Then again, I have to ride one more jeepney before I gone to our office. I was surprised! Gee!Massive flood again is in front of me! All vehicles, can't move because of massive floods,( E paano ba namn kasi hanggang bewang ang baha!)None of them tried it so. So the drivers have no choice to find another way to go to their route, (Ikot ng ikot hanggang mahilo! LOL) But good thing I survive! But as expected I'm late in the office, they laughed at me because I am wet! I just said what can I do? Haha! Ohhh! its very terrible. (Buti nga hindi ako ngbangka,Nakakahiya talaga!) LOL

That’s it! I just laughed to myself, when I remember what happened,Anyway, I have to work just like ordinary days, I worked and worked all through out the day… :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

How to be a good Girlfriend...

In a relation, There are rules or steps to follow in order to succeed your relationship.I noticed that there are some couples that are good for short relationship. As for me now that I found the man of my dream I'll make sure that I'll be a a good girlfriend for him. I'll make him Happy and Enjoy our relationship with each other. :)

  1. Be honest. While being honest to your mate is very important, to the point of being paramount, it is equally important that you be honest to yourself. And, yes, in a mature relationship, honesty is the best policy. :)
  2. Have a positive attitude. If everything you say around him is a criticism or an attack, he will not look forward to seeing you. However, you don't always have to agree with him just because he is your boyfriend. Tactfulness is a better strategy in mature relationships. No matter what, have a sense of humor. Have inside jokes together. Be spontaneous. Be happy.
  3. Communicate regularly. Do not talk his ear off. However, make sure that if you have any problems that will affect your mood, he is made aware of the reasons for your problems and mood, so that you do not appear to merely be a fickle and cranky creature.
  4. Make your desires, needs, and opinions known, even when they may conflict with his. Acting like you exist solely to please him will get you no respect and may even make him bored with your company. Showing that you are your own person with your own needs, desires, and approach to life will keep him interested in getting to know and understand you as a person.
  5. Be consistent. What exasperates men most in a relationship is having to go back and forth between moods, and having to tolerate irrationality.
  6. Be patient. Don't automatically think he didn't hear you when you said something, maybe he was preoccupied. Don't jump to conclusions.
  7. Accept the differences you have and learn to love them. Don't try to change each other - love one another for who each of you are.
  8. Take an interest in his interests. You don't have to act like you love football, but at least try to understand why he's such a fan. Take an interest in his disinterests, too. He might be disinterested in what you like, so at least try to understand why he is not interested and respect it.
  9. Buy him simple, unexpected gifts for no special reason once in a while. The thought is always appreciated and it makes the guy feel as if you really do care and love him. Some good gift ideas could be a new music CD he's been dying to get, a book or something else that he'll really like and will be surprised by. Guys like to be surprised with little gifts too.
  10. Let him live his life. If you feel entitled to all of his time and attention, learn how to not be an obsessive girlfriend. Remember that he doesn't need you for everything and that you are separate people as well as a couple. When he needs some space, don't take it personally.
  11. Remember to always be there when he needs a hug, or a kiss. Body contact is very important, and always warms up a relationship. But if he wants to do things you don't you absolutely have to tell him. If he cares about you, he will respect this!
  12. Be yourself!

Angel Locsin, Faces the issue...

As Angel Locsin break her silence, and signed contract with ABS-CBN, What would happen now to her career?Is she going to be more famous?Oh-Oh We don't know what will happen?I am thinking what will be her first appearance ABS-CBN?Who she will work with oh-oh! Gotta watched for it!!!

Ouch! Headache Attacks!

Lately, I can’t concentrate on my work because of my painful head attack. Oh my! This is always been my complaints. A headache is a condition of pain in the head; sometimes neck or upper back pain may also be interpreted as a headache. But in my case I always feel pain in my left eye going to my head; sometimes the right eye and sometimes both eye are painful. Oh feel my brain scraping each other. I have no choice but take a medicine, but sometimes I don’t want to grab medicine I don’t want to get used to it or depends on what pain reliever gives me. I just relaxed my veins, refresh my minds trying not to think that I have headache! Just put in mind that I don't feel pain,Haha! try it! Its a good medicine,

My sister says I have to consult to a specialist so that we will know what treatment is best for me. I just said Nah! maybe some other time... But hopefully by saturday, I'll go and consult a doctor.. :) What do you think? :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thank You Bloggers!

As a newly blogger, I can’t think of good and inspiring post that will catched other bloggers attention. I’m not good into this; I don’t know why I got curious about blogging. Maybe because I want to enter the world of internet. I want to see more, learn more and explore more. haha! With “www” nothing is possible, right? haha! Thanks to internet I met more friends by the used of blogging and I can interact with them anytime. :) haha! Its good thing that there are bloggers that always visits my site. I felt glad and happy because despite of a nonsense topic I post, they give comments and say hellos whenever they are online. I really appreciate you. Your messages gave me strength and thank you for the inspiring tips from Karlo.pinoyblogero, His blogs are really helpful especially for newbie like me. hehe! Bloggers, thank you for the support and encouraging message. I will do my very best to continue to inspire you. :)

hmm.. Flowers!

How many of you girls want to received flowers from your loved ones? Haha! Most of woman’s loved and want to receive flowers from their loved ones. Flowers remind your special thoughts. Sometimes because people are so fond of flowers we used to buy, wear, or just be around of flowers and blooming plans, partly because of their agreeable smell. They are beloved for their various fragrances. Haha! Well, it’s obvious that I liked flowers. I actually loved it, I feel glad and happy whenever I picked flowers from our garden and smell the fragrance of it. Flowers for me are very mysterious. It calmed me and inspired me a lot. Wooh! What I liked about flowers is their sincerity, when you look at it you will see the truthfulness and sincerity of it especially the roses! The roses are given as a symbol of love, beauty, and passion.

How ‘bout you?. What are your favorite flowers?


Oh-oh! It’s raining! Yesterday, I wasn’t able to come to our office because of heavy rain and flood! It was 5:30am when I woke-up and prepare for myself to go the office, but then again, the rain never stop! :( Huhu! I have no choice but to wait, Hoping that the rain will stop, Hey, I forgotten something oh-oh, Floods! Am i going to make it?, I'm running out of time! I’m gonna be late! :(( Oh well, I have No choice but to absent. I'm so excited pa naman, because I borrowed my sister's jacket...Hehe! :D

After several hours, I Cleaned our house ate my breakfast and watched TV and listen to the latest news. Hooo! It’cold! Nakakatamad kumilos pag malamig and ang sarap kumain! Hmmm… :) Wooh! Sarap ng Buhay! Tambay! Haha! :D As a summary all I did was to eat, sleep and talk with my sister! Haha! Its kind a bored, but I have no choice but to stay at our house, relax and enjoy the moments with my family! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Come on, Lets Eat!!! hmmm... Delicious!

Have you gone to macapal in Pasay City? Last night we went through to that place, it’s a Birthday celebration for my mom’s friend; I actually don’t want to come, its just that if I didn’t come I’ll be alone all the night in our house! Wooooooo! Mumu! No! huhuhu! That’s why even though I am not fond of gatherings, I no choice! Huhu! Anyway, when we’re there, well I enjoy the company of Jade, a two year old girl. She so Bibbo and so cute! Hehe!Anyway I have here some foods we ate.
hmm..This is a Salmon soup, wanna taste it? Well, definite its delicious! uhmmm :)

hmm.. like it? Try It! its Yummy!!

Tempura, Hmm Japanese Food!Deliciouso!

Inihaw! hmm...

Steam lapu-lapu! Sarap!

Wooh! Love Crabs!

Ay! Kinalaw n oyster,

Masarap daw ito but I never tried to eat this one.After we had finished the eating, well of course the dessert will be the next to serve!

WOW! ripe mangoes! so sweet!

woh! Juicy Water melon!

I eat heavy I'm so full! Can’t stand up anymore! Wooh! All foods are yummy! Oh I forgot to add the “clams” in the menu, ‘Cause I never had a chance to take a photo of it. Haha! Anyway, I felt tired that time it’s almost midnight I think and I felt sleepy. Well After an hour we got to home and finally get some rest. :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Being a Leader...

Yesterday, I watched movie, I won’t state the title of the movie but I’ll tell you,it’s a good movie.Actually, it’s all about leadership. Wooh! how to become a leader is actually the theme of that movie.hehe! Know what?When I finished watching the movie I just realized that tiny teardrops are falling into my eyes. yes you read it right!I was so touched by that movie.Funny you call! But I feel that I am part of it! Now I know that being a leader is difficult. We might think that it is easy but it not. We might think that it is easy to rule people but its not. We don't know the deepest side of being a leader. Here are some characteristics that a leader be supposed to have...

  1. Being leader must have a purpose and passion to go hand and hand. We must learn first to care deeply. We must be engaged with yourself. It pertains with our body, mind and spirit. Passion is an openness to possibilities and the innate belief that people want to work together to create the best future imaginable. That passion gives us courage!
  2. A leader must be authentic. Being authentic is being genuine. It’s by admitting our shortcomings, recognize strengths and live who you are. JUST BE YOURSELF! We long for genuine, trustworthy interaction where we live and work, and we experience fulfillment when our relationships with others are honest, grounded in the truth of who we are.
  3. A Leader has good reputation or credibility. Your reputation as a credible person develops as a direct result of the trust others have in you to follow through, acting on what you have committed yourself to do. A leader must have ONE WORD!
  4. Ethics. Ethical leaders have at the center of their belief system a high regard for human worth and dignity. They make decisions and take action in accord with these deeply held values and beliefs. Service to others and a commitment to the greater good for more people is the essence of what it means to be ethical. Being ethical is a choice you make when passion, authenticity, and credibility are aligned with a belief system which is grounded in service to the global community.

If you all have these characteristics, then have to be called a leader on your own. :) haha! Just remember that being a leader means knowing who you are at the deepest level.

haha! Hope you Learned..

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Enjoying Life

As a teenager I want to learn, enjoy and explore about life. Life is too short. I don’t want to wake up in the morning with regrets. Here are some changes I want to improve.

  1. Think Positive all the day. :)
  2. Having a healthy body that leads to a healthy and happy mind. They say: Being confident in your appearance makes you more confident in other areas.
  3. Focus on my career, Prepare in my future. :D
  4. Give my best in everything. I want to be proud on what I can do. But I will always remember to give myself a break when I failed.
  5. And lastly, give myself to God.

I hope this is enough to be a good person because I believed that only a life lived for others are a life worthwhile. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My First Post...

Wow! This is my first post, and I feel nervous.wooh! Hold your breathe now, inhale, exhale, here we go...
Earlier today, I opened my computer to entertained myself by surfing, read the latest news and issues etc. when one website caught my eyes, its a website contains with a particular subject such as food, politics, or local news; at first a recognize it as a online diary, but when I read some of the post, I was surprise, there's lot more. I just said to myself, wow! Cool! And then I read more and more.
As I read their different topics, I noticed to myself that I am learning different things while reading.Oh-oh here I go again, my curiosity occurs. I really got curious about it and wanted to have my own site where I considered as my home. :D
That's it! now I am writing my first composition,oh well I don't know more about blogging but hopefully I can be better like other bloggers hehe! :)

I hope you'll support me.