Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wear a Smile in your heart

Is your smile broad?
Is your smile bright?
Does your smile say, "Welcome"
bringing others delight?

Is it warm and gentle
and truly sincere,
does it offer comfort,
saying, "Happy you're here"?

As you greet another
does it bring life anew?
Have you ever thought
of the good smiles do?

If you're out in the work force
serving other folks,
has it bridged a gap
when a customer's in doubt?

When you smile at children,
a family member or friend,
have you ever noticed
it helps make amends?

Stop for a while...
...and give it some thought.
A true smile is something
that cannot be bought.

Smiles are a gift...
we all can give.
They brighten our world
and enrich how we live.

So "wear a smile"
one size fits all.
If you've any questions,
give my banker a call.

Hmm...I always admired someone who has always a big smile in their face; it feels relaxing and easy to talk with...I believed that a smile can brings lighter to our days, give some inspirations and gives some hope and most especially when it comes with our Hearts. Cheers!